Saturday, 19 August 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 33 #Project365

We have had a week of celebrating!....My teen got her braces off, it was my fella's birthday and it was 8 years this week since my girls had their open heart surgeries!

Now for a photo every day.

210/365 - 12th August
Someone left the washing up from the night before so had all the breakfast things to do too....hehehe

211/365 - 13th August
The last day of Becky wearing braces.

212/365 - 14th August
Her braces came off and she had perfectly straight teeth!

213/365 - 15th August
The girls wanted to help wrap Stu's birthday pressies....I let them do them all. hehehe I hate wrapping.

214/365 - 16th August
Stu's birthday cake! It was so good!

215/365 - 17th August
I took this photo of my teen.....At the same time that I took it 8 years ago she was in intensive care covered in tubes and wires after having open heart surgery. 

216/365 - 18th August
Shopping delivery day which means new flowers.

Men's Society Headphone Cleaning Kit. - Review!

When I am lucky enough to be sent things to review they are usually things for the girls or me....Stu is usually quite neglected but when Men's Society got in touch asking if I would like to review something from their huge selection of gifts I couldn't really say no!

Men’s Society is a brand which I had never heard of but it was founded in 2011 by a married couple Bella and Hugo. They sell products all over the world and you will find Men’s Society products on high streets in Britain, America, Japan, Australia and all over Europe

For Stu I chose the Headphone cleaning kit which costs £20. It seemed perfect for him...He spends a lot of his time on his computer playing games with his headphones on and they must collect a lot of dirt and dust. Eww!

Have you ever taken your headphones out and looked inside them? Trust us, you don't want to. If they're in-ear earphones, the dangers are obvious. Over ear headphones collect dust, dirt, grime and all sorts of particles that you really don't want near your ear drums! That's where this kit comes into play.

Inside the tube packaging there was a USB vacuum cleaner, a crevice scrape quite a large bottle of headphone cleaning fluid, two cloths and a handy guide instructing you how to use the kit..

Stu got to work giving his headphones a good clean and wow! The amount of dirt that he got out/off of them was shocking and quite disgusting.....I think he will be using this kit regularly now!

The only minor niggle we had about the kit was that the USB vacuum cleaner wasn't really that strong. The only way we could get it to work properly was the cover the gaps/holes in the middle of the vacuum cleaner. It was a bit awkward but it worked....

Top tip - As well as cleaning headphones this kit is fantastic for cleaning laptop and computer keyboards too!!

I think this is a great kit and would make an excellent birthday or Christmas present for those hard to buy men in your life.

Men's Society specialise in thoughtful, high quality male gifts and accessories. None of the products are tested on animals and all of their kits are produced in the UK by a dedicated team. All items can be sent by free delivery taking 3 to 5 working days.

While browsing the site I saw quite a few things which really caught my eye. I can't write this blog post without mentioning the Glitter Beard Kit!

I think that is such a fun gift....If Stu had a beard this would have been a whole different blog post....hehehe

We were sent the headphone cleaning kit free of charge for our honest review. This is it. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Friday, 18 August 2017

We have had a lot to celebrate this week. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

We have had a lot to celebrate this week....

On Monday Becky my teen got her braces off! Her teeth are so straight now and she is very happy....She has one last appointment next week to get a retainer and that's it. Her treatment it over....

She is still getting used to not having the braces on but she is getting there. She was scared to bite into things but soon got over her fear when I offered her an apple to eat. She hasn't been able to bite into a whole apple for nearly two years. Chewing gum was also a no, no but on the way home from the appointment I called into the Pound shop & bought her some....hehehe

On Tuesday I was celebrating the fact I got around Asda without shouting at anyone. I don't know what it is about our local Asda but it really stresses me out....The girls and I only went in for a birthday cake but ended up spending about an hour and a half in there just mooching around. I got the girls to try on some school trousers to work out what sizes they need. They didn't have any in the size Ellie needed so I will just get everything off their website. I've worked out I will be spending just over £50 on trousers, shirts and socks. Eek!

With Stu's birthday this week there was presents to wrap. I hate wrapping presents but they girls wanted to help so who was I to refuse...hehehe 

On Wednesday it was another day of celebrating....It has been 8 years since my girls and I traveled to the hospital so they both could have open heart surgery. 8 years yesterday for Becky's surgery and 8 years today for Ellie's.....It still gets to me...It was the worst few days of my life but we got through it and both of my girls are fit and well....

Stu was spoilt rotten on his birthday. He had plenty of cards and presents and even though he still had to go to work he had a great day. 

We had a huge Chinese takeaway and of course cake. We got the cake from Asda and it is one of the best one's we've ever had. It wasn't dry like some of the others and the chocolate icing was delicious. It was supposed to serve 26 but there isn't much left at

It has been a fantastic week....Lots of smiles, happiness and fun....Now we are on the countdown to Ellie's birthday (11 days) and the excitement is building.... 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

A back to school clothing guide....

It's time for me to think about shopping for uniform. Eek. Thankfully this year I don't have too much to buy. Just trousers and shirts. Becky's blazer still fits and my good friend gave me about 4 school jumpers for Ellie with the logo on which has saved me a small fortune....

Here are some top tips for getting ready for going back to school.....

Make a list of what you need and stick to it....Don’t buy extra things and don't buy things which might be nice to have. They are probably not needed.....School uniform can be expensive so don't spend more than you have to.

How much of everything do I need?
Assuming you do at least one load of washing during the week you will probably need...
3 Sweaters/ cardigans/ sweatshirts.
3 Polo shirts/shirts.
3 Trousers/skirts.
At least 10 pairs of socks - They will get lost.
A P.E Kit including plimsolls or/and trainers. My girls need plimsolls for indoor P.E and trainers for outdoor P.E lessons.
1 pair of school shoes.
A P.E bag.
A tie - If there's a clip-on/elasticated option use that it is so much easier than having to help a little one fasten a proper one each morning. Wet wipes come in handy for cleaning them.
A school coat - Waterproof and with a hood if you have to walk on the school run.
A school bagThe book bags are great for younger children but my youngest is going up into year 6 and throughout year 5 she had more things to bring home and take back to school than her book bag could have coped with. We have been using a backpack for a couple of years now.
If money is tight find out if there's a second hand uniform shop run by the school or try local Facebook selling pages....Even charity shops local to you may have uniforms....Even one's with logos.

If your family income is low, you could be eligible for funding to pay for uniform. Contact Citizens Advice or your Local Education Authority to find out more. 

If you’re struggling to afford your child’s school uniform, speak to a teacher or the head teacher at your child’s school. They may know where you can get discounts or find cheaper items. At the very least they will understand your situation better.

Double-check whether you really need it - Before you buy any item of school uniform. Many items are compulsory, but some are optional. On the uniform list my teen is said to need a netball skirt, rugby top and various other things. She doesn't.

Buy online - I went to Asda earlier in the week and had my girls try on the uniform they needed....It turns out they didn't have the size Ellie needed, or not that I could see so I thought stuff it I will just buy online. There seems to be more to choose from and certain items which are online exclusives.

At the end of the summer holidays supermarkets and high street stores are often tripping over themselves to tempt you with cheap uniform deals and BOGOFs. Buy items in the next size up.

Buy only what you have to from the official uniform store!! They are so over priced!

Instead of buying a school branded jumper, can you sew the school badge on to a generic jumper? This way you can buy cheaper items but still comply with the uniform regulations of the school.

Kids will grow - Buy as large as you can without your child absolutely swimming in the school uniform....I bought my teen the blazer in a couple of sizes bigger and folded up the sleeves....It will now probably last her until the end of school as long as she stops leaning on her elbows and wearing them out.

Don't forget to label EVERYTHING!! If you haven't got the time or the patience for sewing on name tags a biro will do!! Make sure to show your child where you've put their name, so they can check it themselves....It won't stop uniform being lost but it does help!

 If the school's uniform list gives options such as skirts or pinafores for girls and you're unsure about your child being the odd one out ask around among those with older children at the school or even look on the school website and see what the other children are wearing.

School shirts get filthy. Invest in some stain remover to soak stained polo shirts or shirts in before washing.

If your child is on the skinny side, look for trousers and skirts with adjustable waistbands....

Avoid tights for younger girls if possible.....When they do PE they will struggle to get them back on or even give them trousers to wear on PE days.

 Don't expect school shoes to last a full academic year! I have found they never do. Feet grow or they will get holes in especially when they scooter to school!

If the school list says black shoes only, don't be tempted to push the rules with blue or brown. Chances are you'll have to fork out for a second pair of shoes

Get Velcro shoes.....The teacher will struggle to help 30 children do up laces or tricky buckles on PE day....

Good luck! Happy shopping!