Thursday, 2 February 2017

Roasted Vegetable Couscous. #NowCookIt

Last week a lovely person from Co-op Food messaged me on Twitter and asked if I would like to receive a recipe box. Of course I wanted to be involved. Who turns down free food? I never thought to ask what was in this recipe box though...Eek!

The box arrived towards the end of last week and I was quite surprised in what was in it.....

There was everything there to make Roasted vegetable couscous. At first this worried me. This looked like fancy food.....I have never cooked a courgette & I have made couscous once and I don't think it went right as it tasted like wet cardboard....

Thankfully the recipe instructions were on the Now Cook It website which simplified everything. Now Cook It is a simple online cooking course, where anyone can learn the basic techniques at their own convenience and pace. The course is completely free and available to anyone with access to the internet.

For Roasted Vegetable Couscous you will need:

1 red onion (or white)
1 red pepper
1 lemon
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
1 courgette
100g couscous
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp dried oregano
2 plum tomatoes
50g cucumber
½ tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp Greek yoghurt

The recipe is so simple although I did get stuck when it came to deseeding the pepper....Doh! In my defence I buy bags of frozen chopped peppers. There was a handy video showing me what to do which came to my rescue.....

I chopped all the veg and the lemon as instructed and gave it a drizzle of olive oil....I had watched the video of the men making it and saw them sprinkle something on it at this stage....I got a bit carried away and put the ground coriander and dried oregano on.....Nope I was wrong. I was supposed to season with salt & pepper....The herbs were supposed to be added to the couscous later....Oops. I suppose it doesn't matter though. It all goes down the same hole. lol I put it in the oven to cook!

I then got on with making the couscous....I followed the instructions word for word and I think it turned out well.....Last time I made couscous I didn't put clingflim on the bowl. I think that made the difference.....

When the veggies were done I got them out of the oven and they smelled amazing!! Then it came to squeezing the lemon halves over the couscous....They were supposed to be squeezed through a sieve to catch the pips....I couldn't find ours and the tongs, I couldn't find them either....I used a tea towed and picked the pips out....hehehe

I mixed the roasted veg with the couscous and added the tomatoes.....I didn't add the cucumber because Ellie hates it and it took a lot of convincing from me that the courgette wasn't cucumber....I didn't want to push my luck.

I dished it up and ta-da it was done! It looked fancy and the kids loved it!! They have asked for it again which is a good sign.

Roasted vegetable couscous is something I would have never have thought about making....I thought I didn't like couscous but I do when it it made like this! Now I can see me making this again and it making it's way onto my meal plan in the future....

Looking at the Now Cook It website I have already found some recipes which I want to try...I am actually cooking the Sausage Carbonara tonight!

We were sent the everything to make roasted vegetable couscous free of charge but I was not asked to write this blog post.....


  1. I'm a recent convert to cous cous, I didn't like it at first and yes your wet cardboard description was right! I do eat it often now with roasted veggies :) (and sometimes a bit of tuna) here are some tips for you, with a whole pepper pop the top in with your thumb and then you can remove all the middle bits including seeds really easy (I got this from Cbeebies, I Can Cook!) With a lemon, squeeze it through your fingers and catch the pips while the juice runs through :) Enjoy the sausage carbonara x

  2. I used to love cous cous in college but have to admit i completely forgot it existed until just now! This sounds like a great dinner recipe to me!

  3. Roasted vegetable couscous sounds delicious. I've done roasted vegetables with pasta before but not thought of trying them with couscous. Glad to hear that the girls enjoyed the meal too :-)

  4. ooh this looks and sounds delicious. I love couscous and have not made it myself before. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  5. This recipe looks really good. My children used to like CousCous but had a bad batch somewhere and have completely turned against it. I may try & check out the Now Cook It website - what a good idea to get people cooking

  6. Now that looks amazables! I've not heard of the Now Cook It website before. Just popped over for a quick nosy and it's fab! The sausage carbonara looks nice too :) xx

  7. I have cous cous and roasted vegetables so much as part of my diet and actually like the flavoured cous cous you can buy.Some of the supermarkets own brands are really quite cheap and they have lots of different flavours . I then add my roasted veg on top.