Saturday, 25 June 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 25

It's not been a bad week here....The kids have been testing my patience with their behaviour but we have had some lovely moments.

170/366 18th June.
We made Wookie Cookies for Fathers day. This was them before they went into the oven.

171/366 19th June.
Stu's Fathers day cards....

172/366 20th June.
The best meal of the week....Pork and pepper kebabs.

173/366 21th June.
Ellie on her way to school for her sports day.

174/366 22th June.
Ellie has been in a bit of trouble this week so she's been banned from her laptop and tablet. She had to find something else to do. Reading!

175/366 23th June.
Messing around with Snapchat. I never actually post to Snapchat I just like the filters. lol

176/366 24th June.
She got soaked on her way home from school. Crazy rain!

Friday, 24 June 2016

They've been in trouble... #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This week has seen both my girls in trouble....I have found myself counting to ten and taking deep breaths a lot!

It's that time of the year again....Last year I realised that at this time every year Ellie misbehaves. Usually her bad behavior is saved for school. Not this time. At school she is perfect but at home it's a different story....I know it's the end of term and lack of routine which causes it even though we have tried to keep the same routine at home.....

This week she ruined my make up, tipped a tub of gel in the bath, mixed it with cotton wool balls and water, hidden her sisters belongings, been moody, refused to stay in bed, lied about stupid little things, stolen sweets and eaten them in bed, threw all her clothes around her bedroom, ruined toys, refused to tidy her mess up and lots more I can't even think of....

Her reason for everything she has done is because she wanted to.....She just doesn't care! Last year we were referred to a clinic at the hospital because of her behaviour at school....By the time we had the appointment she'd got over the end of term blues and was fine again. So I guess we will just have to ride it out....

Becky who is usually a little angel has had her moments this week too.....I had decided to let her got to the park with her friends on Friday after school but it was raining so the outing was cancelled....Her and her friends were chatting on Facebook and rearranged for Saturday she said....Then she started asking for money. Not just a couple of pound. She wanted £20! Hmmm! So I looked at her Facebook and saw they were arranging to go to The Hoppings Funfair in Newcastle....No! No way! It's not the sort of place I want her going to without an adult....She had no intention of telling me she was planning to go to the fair. So now she has ruined the chance of going out with her friends for the time being...

It all hasn't been bad though.....

Ellie had her sports day....She didn't win any races but did have a great time. 

Becky had her HPV vaccine. The one to protect against cervical cancer.....She did make me laugh saying it's so hard to be female....I did tell her one injection is just the tip of the iceberg. hehehe

I am still enjoying the football....What a match between Portugal and Hungary on Wednesday! Wow! So much action and England is playing Iceland next! Eek! So much for Iceland being the underdogs. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Behind the Scenes Blogging Tag.

I saw the Behind the Scenes Blogging Tag over on Baby a Fi....I do love a tag and I thought this one was interesting so I thought I would give it a go....

1. Where Do You Blog?

I blog from my armchair in the living room with my laptop on my knee.....I would love a desk but I just don't have the room and I'm a little too comfy here....I have everything I need, I can see the TV and what the kids are getting up to....

2. Where Do You Find Inspiration For Your Blog Posts?

I tend to write about our family life, there's the food we're eating with my meal planning posts and Ellie is naughty enough to give me photos for a Wicked Wednesday post most weeks...hehehe I also find inspiration from other bloggers, for example this blog post.

3. How Long Does It Take You To Write a Blog Post?

It really depends on what the post is. My Sunday photo post takes a few minutes, at the most 10 but reviews and days out can take well over a two hours when you count the time it takes to edit photos/videos. 

4. Do You Plan Your Blog Posts? How?

If I know we're going somewhere or doing something special....Yes, I plan them in my head but other than that not really....I just get on with them....I have set days where I post the same type of posts every week so there isn't too much planning needed. I do have to make sure I take at least one photo every day for my Project 366 posts. A photo everyday for a year.

5. What Kind of Camera Do You Use? What Editing Program?

I use the camera off my phone. A Samsung S5. It's handy. I think if I did have a proper camera I'd hardly use it...I edit photos using Picmonkey and videos using the Windows Movie Maker...Nothing fancy and flash here.

6. Do You Use a Notebook To Track Your Ideas?

No....If I have an idea I make up a new draft in my blog posts and put the idea there.....Hence the reason I have 47 posts in my drafts...

7. How Do You Take Your Pictures?

Point and I usually have to take about a lot of photos to get the right one...

8. What's Your Favourite Type of Blog Post to Write?

My Word of the Week posts....It is good to look back on the week and see what we have done....It is also lovely to look back on them to see the normal everyday things we got up to in certain weeks....

9. Who Knows About Your Blog?

Everyone I think....I don't keep it a secret now. I did at first from my friends and family but I think they all know now. My dad and great Aunt don't understand it though....hehehe

10. Are You an Organised or a Messy Blogger?

I like to think I am quite organised. I have my posts scheduled in advance usually, I keep track of what needs to be done, I am on top of my emails and always manage to comment on linkies which I join in with...

11. Biggest Blogging Pet Peeve?

Pop-ups! There seems to be more and more of them appearing on blogs lately. Some of them are so hard to close down especially if I am on my mobile phone. I just tend to click away without even reading the blog post. Such a shame.

Do feel free to do this tag yourself!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sit still and smile. #wickedwednesdays

All I wanted was one nice photo of my girls and their dad. All they had to do was sit still and smile....22 photos and I got one decent one. lol

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wookie Cookie's and Superhero Cupcakes.

When it was Mother's day Ellie and Stu baked me a cake.....I think it has started a tradition. Ellie decided we needed to bake something for Stu for Fathers day....Cake is good but I wanted something different so I had a look on the Tesco grocery website while I was ordering the weekly shop and they had a few great kits perfect for Fathers Day.

First up we make the Wookie Cookies....These were the one's I was most excited about....Such a fun idea. You get a Chewbacca cookie cutter and nearly everything you need in the kit to make them. All you need extra is a little butter and water....

I really should read the instructions properly.....They clearly said "Dust a clean, smooth surface with plain flour. With a rolling pin, roll out the dough so that it is 5mm in thickness" I am the idiot who uses self raising

They went into the oven looking great and came out looking not so great....hahaha If you squint and look carefully you can still tell what they were meant to be....The thought was and they tasted absolutely amazing!

Then we made the Superhero cupcakes....Nearly everything was in the kit apart from the butter and an egg.

Usually when I make cupcakes I either overfill the cases or underfill them.....This time I got it just right. Out of the 10 cupcakes there was only one that ended up a bit wonky. 

We will just not talk about the m&m Cookies.....I over baked them. The kids wolfed those down and said they were good but I like my cookies soft and chewy. hehehe

Stu was very pleased with what we baked and I was quite chuffed with my girls and myself for doing such a great job.