Sunday, 18 March 2018

Monkey is now a princess. #MySundayPhoto

 Monkey is Ellie's favourite stuffed toy. She said I needed to take a photo of him in his dress.....Isn't he a pretty princess. hehehe

Yes, I know Monkey isn't a monkey.....He's a lion. When we were looking around the charity shops last year Ellie spotted a monkey she wanted. As it was the first of the many charity shops on our high street we said wait and see if there's anything else you want. She didn't see anything else and when we went back to buy the monkey he had gone and there was a lion in his place.....She bought that and named him Monkey.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Week 11 - A photo everyday for a year. #Project365

I am sick of this rain....We had it all last weekend and since Wednesday evening it hasn't stopped raining here and we're forecast snow over the weekend. lol

We have had a lovely week but I'm glad it's the weekend. 

Now for a photo every day....

69/365 - 10th March
Walking home from the school play rehearsals....She still loves to jump in puddles.

70/365 - 11th March
I was very spoilt on Mother's day....A card each off the girls, an extra one that Ellie made at school and one of Ellie's favourite soft toy Monkey too.

71/365 - 12th March
I bought a jar from Poundland which is perfect for keeping sweets and chocolate in. It's perfect because Ellie can't open it. hehehe

72/365 - 13th March
Ellie in her costume for the school play. She was a villager in the school production of Beauty & the Beast.

73/365 - 14th March
Ellie brought home all the spellings she needs to learn for her SATs in May....Oh my goodness! There is some words there which I can never spell first try. She is doing well at learning them though.

74/365 - 15th March
I was sent a bottle of Mozart White chocolate liqueur to review....It has such fantastic packaging. I do get excited when I get something in a solid box which can be used for something else.

75/365 - 16th March
We had a breakthrough...Ellie has finally got the hang of long division and it made completing her homework so much easier and a lot less stressful.

Friday, 16 March 2018

It has all been lovely. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Lovely seems such a boring word to describe our week but it has been a lovely week.

On Saturday it was lovely spending time with Becky, just the two of us....Ellie was at rehearsals for the school play....We didn't do much apart from watch YouTube videos but she is good company....Well she was when she eventually got out of bed. hehehe

I had the best Mother's Day and was spoilt rotten....The gifts and cards were lovely but what was even better was that the kids were on their best behaviour and helped my fella do all the housework....I didn't have to lift a finger all day.

On Monday I had a chat with Ellie's head teacher. She is so supportive. More things are being put in place to help Ellie and the head teacher is adamant that someone needs to observe Ellie in school before they make a final decision about whether she has autism or not....

Tuesday was show day! About 5 primary schools in the area and the secondary school put on a show each year and Ellie is in the choir....This year it was Beauty & the Beast. She has been practising the songs and I imagined the choir would just be sat at the side of the stage like last time....I was so wrong.

They were walking around the stage as villagers, stood with glasses of beer in the Gaston song and coming on and off the stage in other songs....It was brilliant. All the primary kids played more of a part in the show compared to last year and they sang their little hearts out.....The secondary school pupils were brilliant as the main characters especially the girl who played Belle and the boy who played the beast...I cried at the end. lol It was so lovely!

The rest of the week has been lovely too....Stu worked a double shift so he earned himself an extra day off work. He had Wednesday and Thursday off this week. We didn't do much but it was lovely having him home just for the company.

This weekend I am hoping for a nice, quiet one. There is no excitement of Mother's day and play rehearsals but I do have a couple of blog reviews to write...I am hoping for some sunshine so I can take some photos. It's so dark in here at the moment, even with all the lights on.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

A unicorn homeware wish list.

You might have seem my Unicorn dinner set and tablecloth....I love them. I had no intention of buying the dinner set but did need a tablecloth and there were plenty of boring one's and I wanted something fun for the dining room. 

Now I want more Unicorn things and Asda has a great range with some very cute things which are not over priced..

Unicorn-shaped Mug - £4.50
Unicorn-shaped Cookie Jar - £12.00
Unicorn-shaped Egg Cups - £4.00
Unicorn-shaped Teapot - £9.00
Unicorn Pasta Bowl - Set of 4 - £8.00
Unicorn Mug Set - Set of 4 - £8.00
Unicorn Print Hiball Glasses - Set of 2 - £4.00
16 Piece Iridescent Cutlery Set - £20.00
Iridescent Wine Glasses 2-pack - £6.00

The unicorns are not just limited to the kitchen and dining room though....There is items for the bathroom too. I think it is taking the unicorn theme a bit too far. I do fancy the shower curtain though....

Unicorn Glitter Toilet Brush - £8.00
Unicorn Glitter Dispenser - £5.00
Unicorn Soap Dish - £3.00
Unicorn Glitter Tumbler - £3.00
Unicorn Shower Curtain - £6.00
Unicorn Towel - £5.00

Is there anything you fancy?

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Do you argue about technology with your family?

As a family we rarely argue....The only thing my fella and I have ever argued about is food. lol. Our first ever argument was over a chicken burger....We'd been for a night out and I bought chips & garlic sauce and a chicken burger. I ate the chips and sauce and he wanted the burger because I wasn't eating it.....I was going to though. I always saved the burger for 

The only thing we ever have slight disagreements over is technology & electronics....Ugh! 

Technology has been named as the number one cause of arguments between parents and children at home, igniting more disputes than bedtimes, homework, chores, curfews or pocket money according to new research from insurer Protect Your Bubble.

I really think that is true! 

I love Becky my teenager to bits but sometimes I think she is addicted to her tablet.... We put a timer on her tablet and on a school night she is allowed 2 hours and on a Friday night and a weekend she is allowed 3 hours which I think is more than enough. She can earn extra time by doing chores around the house.

I have seen people at her school up until the early hours of the morning online....It can't be good for their health or their mental state...Becky is in year 10 at school and is in her GCSE years....She will be getting more and more homework to complete. I don't want her rushing through the homework just to get on to her tablet....

Another rule we have as a household is the kids do not take their tablets/laptops upstairs....I want to see what they are doing online which means they are always switched off before bed. 

The time limits doesn't stop Becky trying to bend the rules....Like I said Becky had 3 hours during the school holidays for electronics....We only have a timer on her tablet but will flit between that, the laptop, xBox and her sisters tablet thinking I won't realise how long she had on everything....I do notice! She is not happy when I kick her off electronics and make her find something else to do....

Ellie my youngest isn't left out of the timed rule but she will happily spend half an hour on the computer them go and play with her dolls for 2 hours, spend 20 minutes on her laptop then go and play with something else for an hour so it doesn't really apply to her....She hasn't reached the age yet where she is addicted to technology and I hope that time never comes....

Almost half (48%) of children have damaged or broken a piece of tech costing £125 to replace on average.

Yep! My girls have both broken their tablets in the past and had to have them replaced....What springs to mind is in 2016 a few days before Christmas Becky dropped her tablet and broke it...It was a good job she got money off my dad for Christmas to buy a new one.....We only had a little extra to pay. Thank goodness for the boxing day sales. Last year Ellie dropped her tablet and has smashed her screen. She had to make do with an old one until Santa brought her one for Christmas....

To be fair both my girls are usually careful with their electronics....Ellie does seem to go through a lot of headphones though. She has a habit of chewing on the wires. Oops.

Children are using gadgets at an increasingly young age too with kids typically receiving their first smartphone aged 11, first games console aged nine and first iPad aged eight, although – perhaps surprisingly – more than six in 10 (61%) of children under the age of four have at least one gadget.

I can understand children receiving their first smartphone when they are 11. That is the age they start secondary school.....Becky got her first smartphone when she was 11 just so I could stay in touch with her when she was walking too and from school without me....Smartphones seem like the smart option. 

Becky has harped on that she wants and iPhone because all her friend have them. Have you seen the price of them? It is more than a months rent, even for an old one! We have convinced her we are an android family...

Over Christmas Becky got a new phone and Ellie has got her old one....If Becky didn't get a new phone Ellie wouldn't be getting one until she started secondary school...Ellie isn't connected to the internet and she has £10 credit which she shouldn't really use. The only people she will phone and text is Becky, her dad or me. My dad pays about £13 a month for us all to be connected as well as him and his girlfriend and we get free calls and texts to each other with the O2 family bolt on.

Thankfully my girls have never been one for games consoles....Becky harped on for an xBox and we got her one and up until Christmas she hardly used it....She got a couple of new games which has given her some interest in it again....There was a point where I used it more to watch You Tube videos. lol

When my girls were little they had no gadgets.....I think it's because things like tablets were not the big thing, they are now. I think if I had a younger child they would use technology like a tablet. They are handy to keep children amused when travelling or just for 5 minutes peace.

Do your children have gadgets and electronics? Do you argue over them?