Saturday, 26 May 2018

A nice week. Week 21. #Project365

This past week has been a lot calmer than last week with the SATs...My teen did two English Literature GCSE exams and she feels pretty good about them. Her hand was aching with all the writing she did so it sounds positive. 

The weather hasn't been great this week....I was just getting used to the sunshine and now it seems to be gone. Just as the kids got in from school it started raining. Ugh! The sunshine better come back for half term.

Now for a photo every day....

138/365 - 19th May
Behind the laptop of course.

139/365 - 20th May
Monkey got a new dress. My fella made it. lol

140/365 - 21st May
All ready to play out with her friends.

141/365 - 22nd May
She started with her birthday list. Eek! Everything on it is unicorn related.

142/365 - 23rd May
I took a couple more photos of this bracelet for the blog post.

143/365 - 24th May
Ellie has told me she is doing the Cup song in the Year 6 leavers assembly and she has been practicing all week.

144/365 - 25th May
The fridge is full in preparation for the half term holidays....I know I'll have to go shopping mid-week to stock up. I cannot fill my girls. lol

Natural World - Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo & Conditioner!

I have been using the same brand of shampoo for years. I change the scent every now and again but it's been a while since I tried a new one....

Recently I was sent some new shampoo and conditioner to try from Natural World.

Created with the finest natural superfood ingredients from across the world, Natural World is the award-winning affordable luxury hair care brand on the market created in Soho, London. They have natural, vegan and cruelty free ranges!

Each range includes a blend of 95% natural derived ingredients to target your biggest hair concerns. There is: No parabens, No silicones *except for the hair treatment oils, No phosphates, No gluten, No mineral oil, No SLS and No dyes!

I was sent the Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo & conditioner to try out....They came in 1L bottles which looked huge.

The shampoo and conditioner are infused with precious certified organic Argan Oil and an uplifting blend of 4 essential oils (Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orange and Ylang Ylang).

I have been trying this shampoo and the conditioner for the past couple of weeks and have been washing my hair as normal every two or three days.....

When I first started using the shampoo I found it so strange. I was scrubbing but it didn't seem to lather as much as other shampoos. I am guessing it is because it has less chemicals in. 

The conditioner was quite thick and I used a lot less than I usually would with other brands. The only complaint I have about the conditioner is that it seemed to take ages to pump out the bottle.

Since I have been using this I would say my hair has changed. It doesn't seem as dry and frizzy when it is first washed and usually by the 3rd day it's starting to get greasy and needs washing. With this shampoo I could have easily have gone another day or maybe more. I think I am going to have to change my hair washing habits and leave it longer between washes.....

The shampoo and the conditioner are sold exclusively at Tesco. These bottles cost £6.00 each. As Tesco is my usual grocery shop I will be buying them again.

I was sent the Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo & Conditioner free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

Friday, 25 May 2018

After last week, this week has seemed so calm. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

After last week with the SATs this week has been lovely and calm.....I'm not too impressed with the weather though. I have had to get the jumpers back out for the last few days. I hope the sunshine comes back for the bank holiday weekend.

Ellie's behaviour has greatly improved after the SATs and she is back to being the girl that we know and love....All the stress has gone and she is happy again.....

On Monday night she came in from school and asked if she could play out with her friend. I said yes as long as she took a phone and kept in touch....Her friend and his sister called for her and off they went to the park. She did keep in touch and in the end there was about 7 of them out of her class having fun. She stayed out until 6pm and had a great time. I think it's the first time she has played out where I haven't worried. Her friend is so sensible and I know he wouldn't dream of getting into trouble so he keeps Ellie on the right track. hehehe

Becky had her first GCSE exam on Tuesday but she hasn't been worried in the slightest. She is only in year 10 but they now do the English literature exams a year early. It makes sense. In year 9 and most of this year they have been learning about the books and texts. Today from what I can gather is about An Inspector Calls....She really enjoyed reading that book and even doing the homework a long while ago.....Writing the tweets from a character really sticks in my mind.

Myself and the girls have started to think about what they want for their birthdays. I want to get their presents sorted now because August is an expensive month for us. It's Stu's and Ellie's birthday then Becky's at the start of September. We have to cover the cost of days out during the school holidays and there is school uniform and supplies to buy. I have all new to buy for Ellie as she's going up the secondary school....Eek!

I am staying calm and writing lists. I bought a few presents for Ellie....All she has really asked for is one of the L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Playsets. This week I looked and looked and it seemed to be out of stock everywhere apart from Amazon and Ebay but they cost at least £50 from those sites which I was not prepared to pay....I went onto the Asda, Geroge site for something else and they had them in stock! I ordered one and it was delivered yesterday! I am so glad I did. I just went back to check and they are now out of stock. Phew!

I am really looking forward to next week....Stu is off work and the kids are off school. At the moment we have no plans set in stone but I am hoping for a couple of days out.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Fantastic gifts from Gift Pup for Father's Day!

You may remember a few months ago I shared some Great Mother's day gifts from the fantastic website Gift Pup

I have been working with Gift Pup again and this time it's all about Father's day which is on the 17th of June in case you didn't know. It's time to think about the special men in your lives and maybe spoil them a little.....

Gift Pup have a whole heap of gifts for all occasions, ages and type of people. They have gifts that can be personalised with either their name, initials, photo or a message. I always think there is something special about personalised gifts.

I decided to choose a Men's Brown Leather Bracelet for my fella. It is of course off the girls to him. I must say it really is gorgeous!

The stylish men's brown leather bracelet features two rows of braiding with a personalised metal clasp. High-quality with a versatile smart-casual appeal which makes it suitable for all occasions. It comes complete with a fantastic presentation gift box. 

It is presented beautifully and upon opening it, it looked so fancy and so stylish.

It looks like it is made to last and would be a perfect gift for a dad or a special man in your life.

This bracelet costs £34.99 and I would say it is worth every penny....

While browsing the Gift Pup website there was plenty of items which stood out....With gifts starting from £4.99 they have something for every budget to make a loved one's day extra special.

These are some of the items which caught my eye....

Super Dad Photo Durham Mug - £4.99
Jedi Juice Engraved Pint Glass - £8.99
Special Date Wooden Photo Keyring - £10.99
Evolution of Dad Apron - £17.99
Engraved Wooden Hammer - £19.99
I Love My Dad Cufflinks Gift Set - £19.99

Personalised Chocolate Button Tree - £24.99
King of the House Beer 2ltr Monster Beer Bottle - £24.99
Gloss Finish Freestanding Photo Block (8x11") - £24.99
Wooden Phone Holder - £32.99
'Andres' Mens Leather Bracelet - £34.99
Hot Headz Ultimate Hamper - £44.99

Is there anything you fancy for the special man in your life?

We were sent the Men's Brown Leather Bracelet free of charge in exchange for this blog post.