Saturday, 28 February 2015

Project 365 - Week 9

I struggled for photos this week.....I haven't took that many and didn't have much choice but I have still managed one a day....Phew! I have a feeling I have messed up the numbers last I went from 46 to 48 and missed 47....I think I'm back on track now?

52/365. 21st February 2015

My Saturday night treat.....More Easter eggs....

53/365. 22nd February 2015

Stu is getting into the habit of bringing me flowers every now and then....I loved these he brought me....Such a beautiful colour!

54/365. 23rd February 2015

Becky has became a big fan of watching the SacconyJoly's the YouTube family who put a new video up every day.....I don't mind her watching them....I watch them and there are worse things to watch on YouTube!

55/365. 24th February 2015

 We tried out a Baker Days cake....I resisted the urge to eat it all and I saved some for the kids to try after school....Ellie loved it!

56/365. 25th February 2015

My girls can play nicely together! Miracles happen!

57/365. 26th February 2015

An exciting delivery and the day I actually found out my postman is called Pat!! hahaha! It really made me giggle. I am easily amused.

58/365. 27th February 2015 

I got a letter from Big Fish Games.....About card details being stolen.....I was affected by this.....At least now I know where the fraud came from.....I have been paranoid since that it was something on my computer which caused it....A big sigh of relief her.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Talking Codswallop!

My Word of the Week this week is....

There has been a lot of people talking Codswallop to me this week....

Someone has bullied me and tried to control me for years....A few months ago I started to fight back and stand up to them.....I was never rude but have told them a few home truths....This person has now decided the situation is too stressful to deal with.....What they fail to understand is that I've had years of it from them....Sleepless nights, cried so many tears and felt threatened by them....Now I have come out as the bad one because I am stressing the person out by telling them the truth! Utter codswallop! Ugh! Families!!

As well as that I have had a lot of phone calls for the person who lived in this house before us....We've lived here coming up 3 years I think now....It turns out she's had loans going back years and has stopped paying them recently....She never changed her phone number on the account! Oh joy! I had someone ring asking for her and I said she doesn't live here....They didn't believe me....They thought I was her! They told me to prove I wasn't....How was I meant to do that on the phone....They said they wanted my name, date of birth and National insurance number.....hahaha I was not telling them anything and hung up on them! They could have been anyone! What Codswallop!

It turns out that at Christmas I was given some bad advice from a government service.....I rang up on Wednesday to see how things were progressing and they gave me totally different advice and information! The money I should have been getting I'm not but it's not a big miss....I've never had it so it won't be missed!!

And my girls.....They have talked a lot of Codswallop! They are both learning French at school....Both at different stages and think if they talk gobbledygook with a French accent it works....Not quite! lol 

I've used the phrase "somewhere a village is missing its idiot" more than once this week!

The Reading Residence

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Ellie's eBay Finds.....

Ellie loves to browse eBay.....I always make sure she's not logged in though and supervise her.....

She searches for the strangest things and always says "will you get me this for my birthday"

She was searching for Gymnastic sets? I really had no idea what she was looking for but she stumbled across indoor climbing frames....

This one for £459.99 and This one for £239.99....

There is not a chance she will ever get anything like this in her bedroom even if her room was big enough.....Ellie is a bit of a daredevil and really has no fear......She will jump off about anything and it would have me a nervous wreck.....I could see us setting up camp in A&E....But on the other hand they are so cool....

She also found some Gymnastic Sport Rings.....Described to exercise arm strength....Yes all was fine until I saw the picture to go with the product.....

I just have visions of children hung up there to strengthen their arms.....What the? I think it is meant for adults as in the description it says "The Bar is great for pull ups & allows you to get a challenging upper body workout".....Well I hope it is! lol

She loves to search for costumes too.....She was searching for a clown costume....I really don't know why? She then decided to search for a scary clown costume and came up with this which she thought was so cool. She wants it for Halloween to scare Becky.....

No.....Just no! It is all sorts of wrong!! She can be a cute witch like she is every

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Wicked App!.... #wickedwednesdays

She's trying to look innocent....She has an app on her tablet which can alter peoples faces and hair.....She altered mine which caused much hilarity! She had the cheek to say I look better on the app than in real life.....How rude!


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Baker Days #cakebypost - Review!

It's no secret that I love cake......So when I had the chance to review one from Baker Days I jumped at the chance...

You can’t always be there to share a special occasion with a friend or loved one. But you can let them know you’re thinking of them by sending something which is personalised and therefore unique....

Baker Days are experts at making personalised cakes for just about any occasions....Birthday cakes, Sorry, Thank you, Anniversary and lots more....They even a whole section dedicated to One Direction....I will not be showing my girl them.....hehehe If you don't want to share a larger cake they even have Cupcakes!

Baker Days have over 500 designs and many which you can add your own photos and text to.

Mothers Day is coming up next month so I chose a Mothering Sunday Cake to try.....

They come in various sizes:

Letterbox Gift Cake £14.99 - 3-4 portions (5 inches)
Small Party Cake £26.99 - 10-12 portions (7 inches)
Medium Cake £36.99 - 18-25 portions (9 inches)
Large Cake + free helium balloon £56.99 - 40-55 portions (12 inches)

I was sent the Letterbox size....With it being a letterbox cake it means the postman can just pop it through the letter box with the rest of the post and it means you don't have to worry about waiting in for parcels.....

The packaging was brilliant! A strong box and inside a tin with the cake in so it was very well protected when it was delivered....

The tin is so pretty and will be kept and used for something else....

It was easy to remove from the tin and even had instructions how to do so....The paper tab was very helpful.

With it being a letterbox cake it is only small (5 inches across) but I think with something like this it is more the thought that counts not the size.....There is enough for 3 to 4 portions. I managed four....

I thought the design on the icing looked so pretty and I loved the colours used....So bright and cheerful! 

The smell from it was amazing...It was so sweet I knew I was in for a treat! I cut it and it was Chocolate cake! Hooray!!

There was just the right amount of icing and the cake it's self was just perfect! It was moist and very soft....

This would be an ideal gift for Mothers day....In fact it is great for any time of the year....Who doesn't love cake? hehehe

This is a great service and I will be using it again!

I was sent a Mothering Sunday cake free of charge in exchange for my honest review....All thoughts and opinions are my own.