Wednesday, 28 September 2016

I want a hedgehog.....

Autumn is well and truly here....There's a chill in the air and the leaves are falling. The nights are drawing in and our blinds and curtains are being shut earlier and I just want to snuggle under blankets with candles burning.

Recently with the new Autumnal ranges in shops I have seen so many things with hedgehogs on and I want everything....

Hanging Hedgehog Decoration - £4.00 - Tesco
Hedgehog Ceramic Tealight Holders - £3.96 - Baker Ross
Hedgehog Doorstop - £8.00 - Wilko's
Home Brushed Cotton Hedgehogs and Foxes Duvet Set - £16.00 - George
Hedgehog Teacosy - £22.00 - Cath Kidston
Hedgehog and Hoglet Sewing Kit - £10.00 - John Lewis
Hedgehog mule slippers - £8.00 - JD Williams

Natural Wooden Hedgehog Wall Clock - £20.00 - Habitat
Mantaray Navy hedgehog applique purse - £16.00 - Debenhams 
Hedgehog Placemats - £10.00 - Not on the High Street
Honey the Hedgehog Lunchbox - £3.99 - Robert Dyas
Shaped Hedgehog Cushion - £7.00 - Asda
Hedgehog and Leaf Socks - £6.00 - Laura Ashley
Hedgehog Espresso Cup & Saucer Set - £35.00 - John Lewis
Foldable Shopping Bag - £3.45 - The kitchen gift company.

Is there anything you fancy?

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Surviving the playground!

Over the last week or so I have seen a few blog posts about parents who's children started school at the beginning of September.....Some are settling into the playground well (the parents not the children) others are worrying that they are not making friends quickly enough.....

Stop worrying!!

I am a bit of a veteran at the drop off......I have been doing the school run for about 11 years!! To be honest I mostly hate it but it's not that bad...

If you want to be involved and meet some parents join the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) As well as it's being a lot of fun and giving you a look at how the school runs when most of the parents are not around it gives you the chance to meet other parents.....I joined our school PTA and now speak to parents which I wouldn't have normally spoke to.

Sometimes other parents will look at you and you will look at them and just not have the guts to make the first move to talk.....Be brave! For a good couple of years I never spoke to a certain person and she never spoke to me....Once we did speak, we never stopped and now we are the best of friends.

There will always be one person who looks at you like you are a pile of poop! Ignore them.....There is someone in our playground who looks at me like this....I used to let it bother me but now I just ignore her....

Just because your child picks a best friend you do not need to be best friends with the parents. I have been there and tried to do this but there is always some people that you just don't click with.....

The school run is not a fashion show.....I chuckled on the first day of school. There was a whole heap of yummy mummies with tight jeans, perfect hair, make up and high heels....A few weeks later the heels are smaller, hair less fancy and the make up is just about none existent....Early mornings are a killer!

If your child is a terror in the school yard do not draw attention to it.....Have firm words but don't shout. All eyes will be on you and you will be judged! As much as judging is wrong we all do it even if we don't admit it. Do the disciplining quietly....

If you don't like small talk avoid eye contact....Your mobile phone is your friend.....If I am in an unsociable mood and there is none of my friends in the school yard I write blog posts....hahaha To any other person it just looks like I am writing a really long text.

Don't stand at the school gates smoking.....It annoys me so much. Just don't! It's rude.

Choose your friends wisely.....The most popular parents in the school yard are not always the most trustworthy.....

Don’t gossip about other parents or children...

Remember you are only at school for a little time each day! You do not need to be friends with everyone.....


Most of the playground politics happen when the children are at infant and primary school. Kids make their own way to secondary school so just hang on in there during the primary years....Enjoy your children’s childhood and don’t let school playground ruin it.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Our Weekly Meal Plan!! - #mealplanningmonday

Last weeks meal plan went great.....We ate just about everything....The fakeaway slow cooker doner kebabs on were fantastic. I just had to leave it to cook all day and dished it up just as my fella was getting in from work. A perfect tea for Saturday.

Becky has an appointment at the dentists about her braces on today....There was talk of getting them removed at her last appointment so we will see. If not she will be getting them tightened so will be on soft food for a couple of days.

This week on the menu we have:

Tuesday - Fish fingers, potato waffles and beans....
Wednesday - Pie, mash and veg....
Friday - Pizza....
Saturday - Pork stir fry....
Sunday - A fry up. Sausages, bacon, eggs, black pudding, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and toast....

What are you eating this week?

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Scooting to school. #MySundayPhoto

Since Becky went to secondary school the girls hardly ever get to scoot to school together as Becky usually leaves earlier than Ellie and I. There is the odd occasion when Ellie goes to breakfast club they get to leave at the same time...

They have a great time and I am left behind trying to keep up.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 38

I love Saturdays but they do seem to come around so quickly....This time next week and it will be October! I am not ready to start thinking about Christmas but I really need to. Eek!

Here are my photos from this week....One for every day!

261/366 17th September.
I finally got around to trying Smirnoff Cider. It was good.

262/366 18th September.
Biggest bubble ever!

263/366 19th September.
We're going to Disney on Ice. They were very surprised.

264/366 20th September.
I finally got my hands on one of the new £5 notes....I don't know whether I like it or not.

265/366 21st September.
The canvas British Gas gave me just for being a customer arrived. I love it.

266/366 22nd September.
Daddy and daughter baking.

267/366 23rd September.
A random photo of my fridge. It was needed for a blog post. hehehe